Sunday, 6 May 2012

Starting anew

Well, this is my second attempt at blogging. To tell you the truth, I had found it so hard to keep updating my first blog that I quit. As you might already know, blogging is really time consuming esp. for teachers working in Argentina. In Argentina, a teacher has to work at several schools in order to make the ends meet.

Anyway, this is officially my first post and I'd like to thank Prof. Stella Maris Saubidet Oyhamburu for her encouragement and support. Actually, I decided to revamp and relaunch this blog when I was sitting for a final exam in a course delivered by her. So, to those who think exams are always frightening assessment tools, I say: 'You're completely wrong!' Sometimes, they can be inspiring...


  1. Congrats for the "newborn" blog Mx.

    It's really a great idea. Let me make the "first official" comment, although Claudia has already posted her congratulations, too!

    Go on with such an energetic attitude and making your colleagues and students´lives better & nicer.


    stella :-)

  2. Once more; MANY THANKS Stella for your encouragement and support.