Tuesday, 22 January 2013

All in its name

This is just a short entry to say 'THANKS, Marta for your constructive negative feedback!'

Ms. Marta DeGennaro, a dear colleague who has her own place in cyberspace, pointed out that the name of this blog was sort of inconsistent with its aim and mission statement.

The previous name, 'The e-English Lesson', gave you the overall impression that this blog was designed to target a broader audience when in fact it's aimed at students at secondary school.

Anyway, though the new name is related to how students are expected to learn the language (by actively participating, collaborating and sharing with each other), it's still rather misleading. So I decided to leave the new name until the beginning of this school year (March 2013).
Maybe, I could get students involved in thinking of a more suitable name for this blog. I suppose they'll have lots of interesting ideas. Who knows?

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