Sunday, 28 April 2013

Digital Citizenship: Online Safety I

Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via Compfight cc

In these activities, we're going to talk about online safety or Internet safety.

1. Think over these questions. Jot down some notes; you'll need your notes afterwards.

- What do you know about online safety?
- Have you ever heard of...?

  Internet scams       malware              phishing           offensive content
  cyberstalking     cyberbullying    online predation (child/sexual grooming)

- How are these concepts related to online safety?

Now, you're going to read Worried Jack's email to an agony aunt.
In the email, you'll find these expressions:

    agony aunt       social networking site       share       arrange outings
    log onto/in (a website)          get into (an account) / get in         profile
    mobile number         hurtful things        call (somebody) names
    come up to (somebody)         hack into (an account)        cause havoc
    user ID        log off         take over       block       trust       harassment
    take action against (somebody)

2. Before reading the email, make sure you know all these expressions.
You can look them up in the online dictionaries on your right.
 What can you do to learn and remember these expressions?

3. Click on this link. Then click on Part I: Worried Jack.

4. As you read (or listen to) the email, find this information in the email:
    a. What does Worried Jack use the social networking site for?
    b. What was the matter with Worried Jack's account?
    c. How can Worried Jack's reputation be affected?

5. If you were the agony aunt, what would you suggest that Worried Jack should do?

6. Post a comment with your answers below.