Sunday, 5 May 2013

Digital Citizenship: Online Safety II

Photo Credit: OllieBray via Compfight cc

In the previous post, we explored some concepts related to online safety and read Worried Jack's email to an agony aunt. In these activities, we're going to explore online safety a bit more.

1. Before watching the presentation, make sure you know the meaning of these expressions:

    go out with (somebody)        be in love with (somebody)
    go along with (somebody)    meet up with (somebody)
    take in    fake      read up on (somebody)     
    refuse     back away     yell for help     grab      let go     run away
You can look them up in the online dictionaries on your right.
What can you do to learn and remember these expressions?

2. Click on this link. Then, click on Part II: Amy and Jo.

3. As you watch Amy and Jo's case, think over these questions:

   a. Why did Amy fall in love with Jeff?
        What did he say/do to win her over?
   b. Why was Jo worried about Amy's attitude and behaviour?
   c. If you had been in Jo's shoes, would you have called Amy's mum?
       Why? What would you have done?

4. Read (or listen to) Part I: Worried Jack and watch Part II: Amy and Jo again. Do the online quiz (at the end of Part II: Amy and Jo). 

- How many statement did you get right?

- What have you learnt so far?

- What do you think about Worried Jack and Amy & Jo's cases?

5. Post a comment with your answers below.