Sunday, 18 May 2014

Facial recognition technology has come to stay

Photo Credit: familymwr via Compfight cc

You're going to read a short extract from a digital newspaper article in order to write 2-4 questions about the content of the rest of the article.

Follow these steps:

1. Read carefully the title and the paragraph (the one that is below the title and above the photo). Think over these questions: Why did the author of the article ask a question in the title? What type of question did he ask? Why did he choose that type of question?

2. Look closely at the first picture and read the caption. Think over these questions: Why did the author choose this picture? How does the picture make the message clearer?

3. Read only the first two paragraphs below the picture. Think over these questions: What kind of information is given in these paragraphs? What for?

TIP: Read the title, the paragraph above the photo, the caption and the first two paragraphs below the photo as many times as you need to.

Do NOT read the whole article, please.

4. As you read the text, write 2 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) questions that you think the article might/should answer in the paragraphs you haven't read yet. Write your questions in the Google doc (Check your inbox; you've received a link to the doc "Facial_recognition_technology" by email).

Here is the link to the article:
Facial Recognition: is the technology taking away your identity?

Remember to check that your questions are relevant, interesting and grammatically correct.