Sunday, 23 June 2013

Digital Citizenship: Revision I

In the activities you can download from this post, you're going to revisit and assess what you've learnt so far about digital citizenship and the expressions you need to talk about this concept.

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1. Go over the previous posts and activities.
2. Download the three activities below onto your netbook (or desktop).
3. Make sure you understand the instructions.
4. Do the activities.

Activity 1: Digital Citizenship Gap-fill

Activity 2: Cybercrime Crossword

Activity 3: Online Relationships

Activity 4: Amy and Jo's Story Web Sequitur

If you're in doubt, post a comment on Google+ wall.

5. Assess the four activities. You could use:

    useless     rather useless     useful
    difficult      rather difficult      easy
    boring       interesting           fun

a) Type in your answer (in the AnswerGarden tool below).
b) Press the submit-button to add your answer. It will be published in the word cloud below.

Now, if you agree with one of the existing answers in the word cloud, you can click on it. So you will skip step 'a' above.

What do you think about the four activities in this post?... at

Feel free to post a comment with your own opinion below.

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