Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Digital Citizenship: Online Safety III

Well, we're  back. Hope you've enjoyed your winter holidays.

In this previous post, you were asked to think before you post.
In these activities, we're going to watch some videos to find out what might happen when you post private/personal information on social networking sites.

1. Before you watch the videos, think over these questions and jot down some notes. You'll need the notes afterwards. We´ll talk about your ideas in class.

- Would you confirm a friend request from somebody you haven't met face-to-face yet? Why?

- What do you post on the timeline of your social networking site?
  Status comments? Photos? Videos? Podcasts?

- What type of information do you post?
  Private issues? Funny stuff? Serious/academic/professional stuff?

- Would you upload photos/videos/podcasts showing somebody doing something embarrassing? Why?

2. Choose only two videos and answer these questions as you watch the videos.

TIP: watch the videos several times and pause them to write down your answers. You can draw a chart with two columns and six rows to compare the videos.

a) What has the protagonist done?

b) Why are the consequences of her/his actions a problem for her/him?

c) What similarities/differences can you distinguish in both videos?

d) What is the main message in each video?
    Which scenes help you understand the message in each video? How?

e) Who is the target audience in each video?
    Which elements/characteristics of each video help you identify
    the target audience? How?


3. After watching the videos you chose (activity 2), go back to the notes you've written down (activity 1). Think over these questions:

- What have you learnt by watching the videos?

- Would you change anything in your notes? if so, what? Why?

- What can you do to protect your online identity and reputation?

4. Post a comment with only your answers to activity 3.
    Remember to say which two videos you chose.

REMINDER: Remember to bring along your notes with all the answers. Next class, we're using them to do another activity.

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